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The reason why Choose Prospect Options? – Find out more in using our business Lead Generation Services.

Prospect Solutions specializes in providing qualified business to business (B2B) leads that allow your sales team to close business faster and more frequently, by:

Locating key decision makers within your target markets and qualifying companies or individuals as ideal prospects needs

Putting your team touching key decision makers who're interested in your goods and services

We are committed to high quality telemarketing service that is measurable and ROI oriented. We have a variety of pricing options to ensure the campaign meets your needs and your budget, including performance-based programs, hourly programs or combination of the two.

Performance-Based Applications

The client receives the desired amount of qualified leads, and the payment is performed on a per-lead produced basis. The design offers minimal danger, greater flexibility, along with the opportunity to effectively manage the volume and cost of the leads.

By the hour Plus Performance Applications

This model allows greater partnership in between Prospect Solutions Business Development Team and the Client. We behave as virtual extension of the company, continually producing new prospects, booking appointments as well as timely securing follow-up calls. This technique is based on relationship building, prospect development, lead nurturing, and continuous re-qualification, up to the conclusion of the client’s sales process.

6 Reasons to select Prospect Solutions as Your company to Business Telesales Service:

*Customized Telemarketing Programs to satisfy your specific Requirements and Budget.

Marketing campaigns are custom tailored to match your company’s needs as well as objectives. Appointments are created based on getting qualification criteria as defined through the client.

*Maximizing Revenue.

Compared to other styles of marketing, and the price of hiring, training, controlling and providing the actual infrastructure for in-house phoning, outsourced telemarketing is really a more cost-effective technique for business growth.

*Added Worth with every Phone.

Every contact made will generate valuable information about your potential prospects. This information could be exported to your Database and be used for your marketing campaigns. Every single call increases your own brand awareness as well as solidifies your presence available.

*Professional Representation.

Our Representatives tend to be mature professionals skilled in business-to-business telemarketing and in a position to comfortably converse with any degree of management or professional. As part from the training process the agents are educated in your company, industry, item and competitors. They can't read from the script but follow a ready and rehearsed Presentation made up of your input.

*Real Time Delivery of your Appointments

We make sure that you are kept up-to-date from the results that have been produced. Appointments are emailed as soon because they are created, and at the conclusion of each marketing session you're provided with telephone log reports refined calls made for your benefit.

*Quality Guarantee.

From Management to Representatives, our entire team is devoted to generating more business for the clients, and we guarantee that the company will be represented professionally and courteously.